Volteo’s innovative and results-oriented approach helped a leading security products manufacturer realize immediate gains by transitioning from a home grown ticketing system to ServiceNow. Volteo assisted the client in selecting appropriate ServiceNow functionality needed to improve processes quickly while providing a clear roadmap for continued process improvement and adoption of broader ServiceNow functionality. End-user experience with the new system has been significantly enhanced by the effective use of ServiceNow’s Content Management System by Volteo’s seasoned UI designers.


Volteo partnered with a power utility company to transform its IT organization by leveraging the full functionality of ServiceNow and Volteo’s deep expertise in Change Management, Process Improvement and ServiceNow architecture. Volteo has assisted the customer manage change within a highly regulated industry and implement the right set of ServiceNow functionality to radically improve support for many aspects of its operations such as Field Support, Power Generation, Power Consumer, and Transmission Systems.

Oil & Gas

Volteo helped a leading provider of drilling equipment for the Oil and Gas industry create a nimble and highly configurable Change Management system using ServiceNow. The existing process was very cumbersome, used by only one department, and not easily adoptable by the rest of the company. Volteo brought its deep expertise in Change Management, process redesign, and ServiceNow architecture to create a flexible Change Management process that is now being adopted across the company. In addition, Volteo was able to institutionalize the best practices in Change Management, that has significantly decreased the number of defects introduced due to application changes.


Volteo’s holistic approach to system change was instrumental in a large grocery chain’s transformation of its IT ticketing system into a comprehensive Service Management platform. Using an agile methodology and a mindset of delivering quick wins, Volteo was able to jump start a project stalled for over a year, and deliver a fully functioning ServiceNow system within a few months. Volteo was able to drive process efficiencies across all the IT core processes, as well as develop a robust ServiceNow development plan for the customer.


A large entertainment company was able to automate many of its critical business processes using ServiceNow’s Orchestration functionality. Volteo designed and delivered many Orchestration modules, and developed highly reusable templates to make future enhancements efficient. Volteo was able to create a highly scalable system serving over 250,000 users, and integrate Incident and Change Management into Orchestration workflows. Volteo developed the competency of the customer team to ensure they could effectively maintain the system and carry out minor enhancements on their own.


A small IT shop of an innovative car manufacturer has been able to scale its operations to meet the rapidly growing needs of its customers, due to the business transformation expertise and technical leadership of the Volteo team. Volteo made extensive use of ServiceNow’s CMDB functionality to automatically notify stakeholders of critical outages, and support an on-site IT for a rapidly expanding retail operation. ServiceNow’s Content Management System was integrated effectively with Incident and Change Management, as well as Outage Notification processes to create a robust platform for Service Management.


Volteo assisted a large metropolitan healthcare system automate its employee onboarding and access management by making extensive use of ServiceNow’s Workflow automation module. Because of the large number of flex workers used by the customer it was critical that the process be automated. The new solution developed by Volteo has enabled the customer to process more than 13,000 requests a quarter with the same staff. Volteo also streamlined the process to track changes being made to various applications used across the healthcare system by a thoughtful design of ServiceNow’s Service Catalog and CMDB.