Transformation Services

We start with your business and the big picture to figure out what parts of the value chain need rewiring and simplification. Our wide background in manufacturing, supply chain, sales, marketing, IT and shared services affords us to focus on things that matter the most to drive business value.
Sustainable change is only possible when people consistently adopt new behaviors necessary for the transformation. We fine-tune the implementation plan to strike the right balance between technology and people side of the change. And, we stay connected throughout the process and post implementation.
Apply architectural smarts to create a seamless, integrated system to run your business. We provide necessary hand-holding in terms of training, production deployment and post-implementation support.
Constantly push the envelope to come up with new and creative ways to enhance the value we provide to customers. Invent new solutions for existing and new business problems.

ServiceNow Based Services

Service Management

Centralize, Simplify and Automate IT

No modern business can operate without IT. Streamline, strengthen and accelerate IT's ability to deliver the core processes and capabilities needed to run at the speed of business. Adopt a framework of industry best practices with the flexibility to work the way you work and to support future needs.
Visualize, Standardize and Optimize Field Work

Field resources are often the most publicly visible representation of your business. Enabling their success with simplified, repeatable and automated processes and tools will boost your bottom-line and your customer's satisfaction. Leverage organization, monitoring and reporting to get your workers where they are needed, when they are needed.
Empower, Streamline and Demystify Legal Resources

Effective use of Legal capabilities can be a strategic advantage for your business. Make it easy to find and connect to Legal service offerings with a central, user friendly catalog. Use your Legal resource efficiently with work queues, prioritization, knowledge management and reporting capabilities.
Engage, Expose and Extend Marketing Services

The natural external focus of marketing on the brand and messaging of your business can lead to a disconnect with internal services and resources. Break down these barriers with the centralization and automation of marketing processes published on a shared catalog allowing your business to take advantage of their services. Leverage workflow automation to increase Marketing's day-to-day work and time-to-market.
Focus, Empower, and Enhance Productivity of HR

Your HR team should focus its efforts on supporting strategic business goals and engaging with your employees. Instead, they are bogged down by inefficient HR processes. Automate routine HR workflows like employee onboarding and offboarding, integrate seamlessly with your existing HR systems, and improve employee satisfaction through faster HR service delivery.
Optimize, Align, and Automate Facilities Management

Facilities Management plays a vital role in helping your organization reduce cost, improve productivity, and ensure business continuity. Inefficient processes and manual data management using Excel spreadsheets makes it really challenging to proactively manage day-to-day operations. Structure and automate facilities workflows such as work orders and preventive maintenance, alert personnel of outages, deliver data to mobile devices, and act on insights using a single, integrated Service Management platform.
Improve Accuracy, Timeliness, and Efficiency of Financial Processes

You rely on your Finance team to provide accurate and timely information to support your operations and ensure all business processes are followed. Cumbersome and manual processes can detract your finance team from their important strategic priorities. Streamline your financial processes through workflow automation and create dashboards to allow your team visibility into their work and resource assignments, and enable your team to better manage demand and delivery superior service.

IT Operations Management

Demands on the datacenter keep increasing, but the datacenter nor its budget is getting any bigger. Optimize your datacenter to get more out of every resource, use orchestration to combine hardware, software and virtualization layers into pools of resources to reach new levels of utilization, consolidation and efficiency your current infrastructure can’t approach.
Supporting a global business that never stops, poses many challenges for IT Operations. Improving customer satisfaction, minimizing business impacts caused by outages and achieving faster resolutions of problems are paramount. Moving from a reactive to a proactive IT Operations requires visibility into all layers of the application and infrastructure stack to drive change and problem resolution management.
As part of enterprise IT transformation, companies are leveraging cloud services from one or more providers, including their own. Managing these internal and external services, in a seamless manner, requires a common process model and an automation capability to streamline the delivery. Talk to us about self service provisioning.

IT Business Management

Bring more visibility into your IT spend by building cost models in ServiceNow and connecting the cost of delivery to service usage. The application enables CIOs to more flexibly align investments with business goals by weighing operational performance against cost and varying investments.
ServiceNow provides a complete suite of tools to run your projects and programs effectively. Use tools such as Gantt charts, timeline visualizations, lists, and forms to track your tasks and resources, and integrate directly with ServiceNow’s Demand Management and Resource Management modules to manage your programs effectively.
Leverage the ServiceNow platform to automate the process of monitoring adherence to legislative mandates such as SOX and COBIT. The IT GRC module provides the functionality to document the policies, defining the risk of non-compliance, and enforcing the controls directly within ServiceNow. By then embedding the controls into existing Service Management processes managers are able to effortlessly obtain compliance data for timely remediation and reporting.
Streamline the process of making investment decisions for new products and services or enhancing existing ones via defect fixes and enhancements. The Demand Management module provides a platform to develop and communicate new ideas, and then prioritize them against work already in flight, thereby providing managers and accurate forecast of demand for their services, and plan resources more effectively.
Evaluate, score, and rank vendors using ServiceNow’s Vendor Performance Management module. By integrating data across ServiceNow’s Asset Management, Problem, and Incident modules, and using the information collected in the Configuration Management Database, users are able to obtain critical data for assessing all their vendors.

Custom Application Development & Support

ServiceNow is more than a set of applications. It comes with a powerful application enabling platform. We will work with you to build enterprise scale custom applications, on the ServiceNow platform, for every line of business and department. Ask us about what we have been doing for other customers.
Our team can provide an end-to-end support model & necessary resources for your out-of-box or custom ServiceNow applications.

Smart X Services

Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to transform enterprises and business verticals of all sizes and shapes. Connected business assets/devices can provide value by lowering operational costs, enabling preventive maintenance and by improving the overall service experience.

Bring your business and supporting solutions to the 21st century by gaining new insights through a network of business relevant, connected things with sensors.

Transportation Energy Healthcare Retail   Buildings

Let us show you how our ability to collect and analyze disparate data in near real time can transform your business. Our subject matter experts will work with you to understand your pain-points and identify areas where the adoption of intelligent sensors can benefit your bottom line.

We will take a closer look at your customer/product/facility lifecycles to determine a sense/analyze/act blueprint.